The Cut

There is only one Oribe. And there is only one Oribe Salon. Following his enormous, global success as a fashion hair stylist in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s and as the owner of a palatial and opulent salon on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, Oribe turned his attention to building his dream salon: an intimate space - both warm and chic - in America's burgeoning city of Miami. It would be a salon away from the manic demands and lifestyle of New York City, where experimentation could flourish and where clients would be treated as royalty.

For his flagship Miami salon, Oribe chose a special space, nestled in a quiet alcove of South Beach's bustling Lincoln Road, where he set about creating the most beautiful salon he could envision. 7-foot mirrors, tiger-wood furniture, custom shampoo chairs and beautiful styling chairs put Oribe's unmistakable visual imprint - honed by years working in the fashion industry with its greatest talents - on his Miami salon. The Oribe Salon is a destination for locals, tourists, and numerous celebrities, each of whom come to the salon to experience being pampered and transformed by Oribe or one of his highly-trained, world famous stylists. Supermodels such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum and countless celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz all count themselves among those lucky enough to have had their hair styled by Oribe and his staff.

Oribe Salon is unlike any other; it is an homage to the fine art of hair, and to Oribe himself - a luminary, unlike any other hair stylist in the world.

The Color

Oribe Salon opened on New Year's Eve in 2004 with an announcement: anyone who came to the salon wearing fake lashes, fake nails and glitter would receive a complimentary blow dry. It didn't take long for Miami - and the world - to realize this was a salon of a different color, one where the status quo took a back seat to innovation.

To this day, The New Year's Eve opening captures the essence of Oribe's flagship salon. The salon is, without a doubt, a study in visual glamour. But there is something even more profoundly beautiful about the Oribe Salon: a celebration of people, of soul, of innovation. To an outsider, it is immediately apparent that the soul of Oribe's salon is its staff, one that has been carefully selected by Oribe to bring his vision to reality. Oribe's staff is intimately trained, with talents seamlessly integrated and a profound respect for each other. The Oribe Family (it is more often referred to as family than as staff) is one that is encouraged to experiment, to be trend setters and taste-makers. They are stylists who are challenged to transcend expectations, and repeatedly given the opportunities to do so.

The soul of Oribe's salon is one that is forever evolving, but one that is always rooted in the close-knit collective of its stylists and their collective desire to innovate and see the world differently.